10:00 AM IST - 11:00 AM IST | Online

Your next job interview is not just an interview: it's a mission

A job interview preparation workshop for IT professionals

Time & Location

10:00 AM IST - 11:00 AM IST

About the Event

You can't change the job market, but you can change the way you present for an interview.

In this workshop - we will discuss a quick and easy way to prepare for the job interviews, the "Visual Job Canvas". Grab a chair and join in. It will be a fun workshop, and you will be glad that you were there.


  • Introductions 5 minutes
  • The Visual Job Canvas and how to build it. 15 minutes
  • Your turn - discussion 20 minutes
  • Wrap up and homework 5 minutes

What will we be doing in this workshop?

We'll share with you the essential concepts of "Visual job canvas". There will be some prompts and props for you to practice. Some homework, but not too much. Our goal is to make this fun and provide you with a tool to get ready for your next job interview quickly.

What supplies do you need?

Writing pad/paper, pencil, eraser, and device to access zoom on - that's about it.

More questions?

Drop us a line at hello@interviewzebra.com

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